Corporate Law

We are very proud of our achievement based on our involvement in Corporate and Commercial Law practice.

We have advised local and foreign start-up companies, literarily taking their hands and walking them through from pre-incorporation to incorporation to post incorporation stage, our commitment and sense of service are so committing that we don’t abandon our clients halfway through the process.

We currently offer company secretarial duties to many indigenous and multinational companies cutting across industry sectors such as Oil and Gas, Education, Government Business, Farming, Energy and Construction.

We have a track record of providing practical legal opinion report. No wonder in-house counsel of corporations we work with rate our legal opinion report number one, not only do we simplify the law making it clear for them to understand where the law stands, providing them with statute law and judicial precedence to support our views, we arm them with a practical solution to help them resolve their legal dilemma.

We also handle all Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria post incorporation businesses, such as filing annual returns, appointment and retirement of directors, appointment and resignation of company secretary, auditors and board members.